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Default no power issue. I am stumped!!

sorry in advance for length.

I recently replaced the motor in my 91 YJ 2.5L started and ran fine with only one problem. it had a miss. found out one of the injectors needed to be replaced and the harness to that injector was also bad. fixed problem. after doing repair I go to start it and no power at all. like there wasnt a battery hooked up. took battery to autozone they tried charging battery and said that the battery was bad. took battery back to sears. they charged it and said it was good. so I took it to a different autozone and they said it was good. ????. put battery back in jeep, and it started with no problem. drove it around the block a few times. and get back to my house and had a hard time getting it into reverse and ended up stalling it. tried to start it. dead again. no power. pushed it up against the curb. and for shits and giggles tried to start it again and it starts. pull it in the drive way. and start playing with all the accesories turned lights on: good. tried the turn signal, and as soon as i did that it died. tried to restart. No power. turned key a few times nothing. and then held key in the start position for a few seconds and all of a sudden it starts. tried lights and turn signal again. died again. no power. so I just left it for a few days.

2 days ago I was going to take battery back to sears to see if they could try and figure out if it was something with the battery. but tried starting it before I took it out and it started. tried the lights/turn signal thing and when I turned on the turn signal it hesitated like it was going to die, and recovered its self. so I started turning on all the power accessories and it never died.

did the same thing yesterday. never stalled.

anyone ever have this same issue. or have any ideas?

I can't drive it around. no plates/ins. I don't want to plate and insure it until it is running good.
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