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Originally Posted by dreezy View Post
This part. Why do I want wimin s to invade my online community as well. I have enough of that bullshit in my real lifes. Pussy is cool, and sometimes cool to have around on the regular. But I already have my two kids, and unless for some reason I become hard up for some strange, I don't need it to invade ever aspect of my life. I know guys like that, I don't hang out with them.

Also the only guys that I know who want there wives and the friends wives or wives female friends to be in every part of the lives are whipped, balless bitches. I guess its to to change it from bbaxj to pwbxj...
It's pretty clear why you've recently seperated from your baby momma.

My fiance hangs with me and my friends all the time, I also have free reign to go and do whatever the fukc I want whenever the fukc I want, because I also go and do the things that make her happy, that doesn't make me whipped, it makes me smart.

I get laid when I want, I don't have to bitch and groan about my baby momma still living with me when I am broke up with her, and I don't deal with any kind of girl .

You may think you're doing it right, but the more you post the more it seems you're doing it wrong, way wrong.
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