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Originally Posted by bbaXJ View Post
Whored out? I didn't post anything you couldn't see on a public beach! She just happens to look better than most. I never posted nudes either and don't intend to. I love seeing boobs as much as the next guy, but why not just search Google and see 10x the boobs for half the effort?

I can understand wanting to limit the "vote for me!" threads but it hasn't been a problem. Seems to me that a forum full of overweight hill jacks should want to welcome and encourage a new female member, not alienate and scare them away. Then again, half the people on here probably can't even form a complete sentence in the presence of an attractive woman, so what was I thinking? Carry on and good luck with your virginity.
Originally Posted by dreezy View Post
This part. Why do I want wimin s to invade my online community as well. I have enough of that bullshit in my real lifes. Pussy is cool, and sometimes cool to have around on the regular. But I already have my two kids, and unless for some reason I become hard up for some strange, I don't need it to invade ever aspect of my life. I know guys like that, I don't hang out with them.

Also the only guys that I know who want there wives and the friends wives or wives female friends to be in every part of the lives are whipped, balless bitches. I guess its to to change it from bbaxj to pwbxj...
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