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I figure I should give an update since Bud and I have had a chance to train each other alot in our first three months together.

He's a great dog. He's nice to everyone he meets, unless you're another dog. He got all his shots and was neutered a few weeks ago. The vet says he's very healthy, somewhere around 2-3 years old and is now 70lbs. Which is 4lbs more than when I got him, which were much needed. Vet says 70lbs is a good weight for him.

In the standard routine of the weekdays, he is comfortable with being inside and is just very excited to see me when i get home for the first few minutes. Out of routine stuff, like going out with friends or dinner with family, he gets worried. He'll damn near tackle me when I open the door. His anxious fit will last for about 5 minutes or so, then he'll just settle down and be back to being a lazy dog.

Most advisors to me were right, I've changed more than the pup has. I've noticed a positive lifestyle change in myself. Outside of work, I take Buddy everywhere with me. But, I don't spend time eating out or at the bar now. Getting together with friends now is grilling or fishing/lake time. I honestly think I've spent less money being a dog owner because of this. I've also been more active, walking almost every day with him.

he can be aggressive towards other dogs. He's very shy and almost timid, he looks worried that he'll get attacked or something when around other dogs. So when he's in that situation and the other dog makes a quick move, he'll act tough and bark or show his teeth. He won't attack or bite, just show his grumpy side. I'm thinking its a past experience that has him behaving this way. I could use some advice on how to fix this if anyone has an idea.

Aside from that, I must say I've probably spent more time talking with my friends and family about what's acceptable and not, than I have training Buddy. That was a huge surprise to me. For example, a few of my friends have encouraged him to jump up on them when they see him, thats not ok. So I end up getting after my friends about it. It's almost like I'm training them too.

Anywho that's about it. Here's a pic of the monster doing what he does best, being lazy.

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