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Seen a bumper sticker that said "Proud to be 1 of the 99%" today.

It seems sad that the 1% that actually work hard, have the knowledge to save there money, and live within there means are ridiculed by the 99% that are lazy, looking for a handout, have reasons why they got screwed but very little recourse to improve there situation, or simply to stupid to realize that if Bobby makes $2000 a month he cant spend more then half of that on expenses. That means Bobby needs to drive a pos car and live in a modest home saving up for something better that will improve his situation.

Me myself I strive to be in the top 40% some day. It wont be easy at all with a single income. But it is a goal and those that ridicule people that make more money then them are simply stupid.

This is fucking America. If your determined enough to make money you will. Don't know how go out and learn how dumb ass. Out of work because you use to be an executive making 60k and now you cant find the same job? Tough shit you lazy bum. Settle for something less get your butt working and search for something better in the meantime.

I am freaking sick of all these cry babies proud to be the lazy part of America. They finance more then they can ever hope to afford then when shit happens they get covered in it.

The simple fact is. There will always be someone with a bigger home, faster car, hotter wife, more friends, and better life then yours. Once you grow up and stop trying to look, act, and lie to yourself that you are that person you will realize that you don't need all that junk. All you really need is good friends, good ethics, and to be a good person and life will become a lot simpler moving you closer to the 1%.

I have a buddy that lives in a 1993 trailer on 3 acres of land, buys cars 5-10 years old every 5-10 years, has hobbies but nothing that he spends a ridiculous amount of cash on and is a cool dude to hang out with around a bon fire kind of deal. He is an aircraft mechanic and enjoys making hand made furniture.
He easily makes over 100k a year yet when people who finance shit see his home they just don't get why he is living in a trailer. I get it and I hope a few more people will be unlike the 99% of the people scratching there heads and ass wondering why he does not own a house.

End Rant
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