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Default Subhuman Neighbors

We just had to call the cops on the neighbors.
I got home from work and creepy is peering over the fence, then thru the slats of the fence.
I ask what's up and he says... I just watched some blonde girl walk out of that trailer (parked in the neighbors yard all summer with people living it) walk over here by the fence, pause bend down, then go back over and get in the trailer.
He thought it was weird and went to see what she was doing behind the fence.

She had just dumped a bucket of human waste behind my fence!!!!!
This stuff is now leaking into my yard!!!

The police were called, a citation was written for illegal dumping and she was given till 8 pm tonight to clean up her toilet.
The police will also be contacting the city inspector.
There hasn't been water turned on in that house in months, no one is supposed to be living there. The house is city owned and will most likely be condemned and put on the demo list.
Look! Brownies!
Yeah. But why do they smell like burned rubber?

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