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Originally Posted by copper View Post
twist affects accuracy. yes bullet weight affects things also They go hand in hand.
If you want a better shooting gun the 1/9 twist is better at least for me. I can shoot a wider varity of bullet types and weights and styles and the accuracy varies little untill I start shooting over 200yards. It takes less messing around when you have a gun that stabalizes the bullets faster and that is exactly what a higher rate of twist does.
but everyone has an opinion thats mine and you have yours.
Mine is not an opinion, it is a fact. You want to chose a twist that will spin the bullet just fast enough to make it stabilize. If you have too slow of a twist it won't shoot for shit but the same happens when you over spin a bullet. You pick the twist of your barrel for the size of bullet that you intend on shooting. I would rather have a gun with too fast of a twist than too slow because it won't affect accuracy AS MUCH but personally I would rather just do it right and match the twist to the bullet.
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