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Originally Posted by swampjeep View Post
well, my fleet has been expanding, I have 2 sami's and 1.5 trackers now, I'm using the 1 tracker as a DD, but I'm starting to wonder if it might be a better base for my project wheeler then 1 of the sami's

my thoughts for it are this:
1996 tracker
1.6 16v
stock auto and t/case
2nd tcase using a sami 1 with 4.89 low rang gear set
toy axles
35x10.5 boggers

I basically have all this stuff

what's everyone's thought on a base
tracker or samurai, and why?
if you do a sami then you basically have to swap in all of the stuff from the tracker to make it a decient wheeler (engine)

a 16v and an auto with about 120:1 (with torque converter 2x) works well but it falls on its face when you really need to hit something hard like a 2nd or 3rd gear launch with a manual. the 16v power is too high to use all of it with an auto. if you go with dual cases with a gear set in one of them you will run out of wheel speed very quickly.

if i wre you i would choose whether i wanted a jeep style body (easily replaceable things that get damaged I.E. windshield frame) a sami is about 500lbs lighter when built similarly to a tracker but you have to swap in a 1.6 to get a decient powerplant.

just about everything has been done to a sami and the trackers are still being figured out. doing it again i would build a tracker except more stout than the one i built... more power 300ish 60s 40s tubed out but still michigan friendly with an enclosed cab and LOW.

some day i will be building a new style 2 door with the above specs

john, if you want some more details pm me and ill yack at you on the phone for a while and fill you in a bit more indepth.

and for what im doing this winter:

16v to 2.7 swap (185hp)
electronic 4 speed auto with lockup
full hydro steering with double ended ram
bump stops on all 4 corners
new belly skid, t-case mounting and 3 crossmembers that dont fit anymore
finish cage
fuel cell
lengthen WB in rear 2-3" and redo all of it because i have too much anti squat
im sure theres more that im forgetting but that sums it up
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