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Originally Posted by rubiconwrangler View Post
After looking over pictures I have proof that there middle vehicle driver lied to the cop about what happend!!!

This shall be interesting in court.

I tried telling the cop what happend but he didn't want to listen at all to my end because I was the third vehicle back. He literally put his hand up and walked away to his air conditioned car.

He's forshure getting a complaint put in towards him!!!
Go nail his ass to the wall!! Demand his badge!!

Originally Posted by rubiconwrangler View Post
and for those that think its not totalled, i had it towed to the body shop and they said they can gurantee its totalled and are suprised i didnt get a scratch or anything not even from the airbags blowing, soo I towed it to my house the next day and the insurance rep will be coming here to inspect it. If they think they can fix it more power to them, but I really doubt it.
You aren't real good at this internet thing are you?

Originally Posted by dmcjeep View Post
So I guess that means you did get a ticket?
I'm not telling, I am not telling, I will NOT tell you......of course he got a ticket, why else would he avoid your question and claim he did nothing wrong

Originally Posted by Freak View Post
You don't buy it back after the claim. The insurance will set what its worth as a wreck, let you keep it an send you the difference in a check. The appraiser will come buy, tell you what the verdict is the. You have x days to make a decision, anything you want to take after the appraisal you can take, so long as its not nailed down from what I understand.
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