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Originally Posted by dougstephvoor View Post
at this rest stop near Ypsilanti,

I drove up and looked around as I normally am very contientious of where I am and who is around before I get in and out, I noticed there was one trashy white woman leaning against a car, I figured she was there prostituting her self and I continued in, next to the vending machines was a big buck, I went into the stall and after 30 seconds or so I noticed through the crack in the divider he was standing outside of the stall door,
He coughed a few times and I looked through the crack again and there was a second skinny buck. I buttoned up my pants got back in my wheel chair spun around and peeked through the crack next to the door to see them both standing there looking at the door.

I drug out my device, and set there quietly peeking through the crack at them for what seamed like eternity, after a minute I quietly cocked the hammer back, which is very loud. There was another moment of silence, the two bucks shuffled out of the mens rest room, I waited a couple of minutes peeking out the crack, to see that they were both gone, after a couple of minutes, I went out to the truck, the trashy slut and the two bucks were standing there watching closely. I got in my truck rolled the window down and said you folks have a nice day and drove away.

I am certain that those guys were going to roll me in that rest stop,

Nothing bad occurred, and I like it that way.
Two dumb bucks know the sound of click, click and say it an't worth it.
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