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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
I've owned a dirtbike, anyone who would even claim a bike is nearly as fast as a dirtbike on a dirtbike trail would be a total skooterbuilt.

As for your list of reasons why a dirtbike is cooler. I wasn't comparing the two, though I prefer my DH bike to a dirtbike.
I know, but I was

Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
I hit a tree pretty hard two weeks ago. Bruised thigh, bruised arm/shoulder, and bark on my helmet and handlebars. Like I had to scrape the bark off the handlebars. I wish that tree was padded, it would've helped.

With how tight the trails are its not uncommon to brush a tree with the shoulder, the padding is nice for that.
I'm not sure the pads on the trees in the video would have helped you...those guys were flying, and I mean flying in not only terms of speed but in their relationship to the ground as well! There were there to protect the trees from the riders
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