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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Andy, I've got to say I was wrong. In the past when people have criticized you I had thought you were a college kid having fun. I figured that once you got out of school you would show some maturity and not act like an idiot all the time.

I was wrong. You continue to say and do stupid stuff and then think it's funny to egg people on. It's not. You once gave me your resume which I passed on to someone. If I were to rewind the clock, I would have to think hard to pass it on again.
Jim, I think you and everyone else need to step back and relax some. Just breathe

Am I having a spot of fun? Yes. Kinda like in the cartoons where a pebble is rolled down a snowy hill.

Have I been serious about anything here? Yes. I was annoyed with getting shafted but then did the job myself. Like a responsible homeowner. I do also have a rogue peacock that likes to visit. Anything other then that and it's your fault for assuming. I learned from the best on here.

Why so serious?
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