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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
I didn't say I wanted to live next to someone who made it from Detroit to the next closest suburb (or in my case Flint to Fenton). I said I would rather live next to my current black neighbors than live next to skooterbuilt.

They don't come outside often, they have a lawn service, they never complain about anything I do, they have one of the nicest houses on the cul de sac, their kids are grown, they don't have a barking dog, and there is a real nice fence that keeps them in their yard and me in mine.

Plus they are not horders, they have an almost empty garage that fits both of their cars.

I think you would trade that for a skooterbuilt anyday.
No penis wrinkle you didn't say that. You need to be careful what you wish for, you just said black people in general. I too have a few neighbors like yours. When i bought my house 11 years ago the neighborhood was not even close to what it is now. When the housing market peaked in 2005, houses on my street were up around $160K. Is that rich man money? No, but it kept the shit bags out. Once 2008 happened that's when it went to shit. My neighborhood is riddled with rentals. One of my best neighbors that lived across the street from me just moved out (black guy). When he left, he said to me "Tom, my momma always said, you can't live next to niggas." He had a smart momma.

Originally Posted by SS View Post
not really, he wasn't clear on his definition of Black person.
Originally Posted by Sol Goode View Post
I would prefer wealthy minorities over a skooter_built any day. Yep, but I don't care about wealth, they just need to , work, be clean, have respect for themselves and others ect.
In my neighborhood we have 2 black families that:
1. Maintain their property
2. Are out doing things with their kids
3. Improve their property
4. Have nice cars

I hate to say it, but the people that have a problem living by blacks, live in poorer areas. SHOCKING!!!!!!!

Poor people.......
I can't really disagree with this statement. It wasn't always like this here. I'm in process of finding a new home, but I'm stuck with this house and I don't want to be a landlord.
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