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Originally Posted by Tranny Tom View Post
Come stay at my house for a week in the summer.

Then report back with the corrected answer.

I hate being that way but it is true. The people who have moved into my neighborhood are chasing me out of my home.
I didn't say I wanted to live next to someone who made it from Detroit to the next closest suburb (or in my case Flint to Fenton). I said I would rather live next to my current black neighbors than live next to skooterbuilt.

They don't come outside often, they have a lawn service, they never complain about anything I do, they have one of the nicest houses on the cul de sac, their kids are grown, they don't have a barking dog, and there is a real nice fence that keeps them in their yard and me in mine.

Plus they are not horders, they have an almost empty garage that fits both of their cars.

I think you would trade that for a skooterbuilt anyday.
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