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Friends husband (was a douche lawyer) and always bragged, especially about his new mercedes. So I put some ball bearings in an altoids tin and put it under the drivers seat. He had that car in the shop bitching about a rattling noise about 20 times, before a mechanic finally found the tin. Was he pissed

I am about to park in downtown Chicago and am in front of the spot with my blinker on and reverse lights waiting for traffic to go by, when a bitch in a Renault 5 (this was in the 80s) pulls into the spot driving in frontally. She quickly gets out and when my buddy says something she gives him the finger. Well there were 4 of us in my car. After she is gone we lift the front end then the rear end onto the sidewalk. There is a parking meter in front and behind her and a building besides her. We wait a few minutes and someone asks if the spot is taken, we say no and they park. We find another spot and are in the restaurant across the street and watch as she gets a ticket for parking on the sidewalk, and finally comes out and sees her car boxed in and a ticket on it, she then has to wait an hour for the other person to come back and move their car. She starts yelling at them and they get into a big arguement. As we leave they are still yelling at each other. We had finished eating and were just having beers watching what was going to happen. I have to admit this was Mark's idea and not mine but I helped.

Asshole neighbor would mow his grass at 7 am every Saturday, when i asked him to wait a few hours he told me tough luck and if I did not stay out late drinking it would not be an issue. He stored his lawn mower in his shed (unlocked). I put linseed oil into the gas tank. when that mower crapped out, he bought a new one and I did the same thing. hearing him bitch at 7am that his new mower would not start was worth being woken up.
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