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1000 acre southeastern michigan playground, looking for club to join near Milan Mi

Hey everyone! Located in Milan Michigan and looking for a local club to Join and contribute to. i own 1000 acres of private playground (old stone quarry shut down for 15 years) it has everything from bottomless mud to the steepest climbs, rock crawling trails and lots of water.

i would like to offer my location as an occasional meeting place for the group due to the fact that it is every 4x4 enthusiasts wet dream! ideal for all types of off road fun, even RC toys, all day bbqs and good ol fashion family fun.

anyways if anyone is in the area and would like to refer me to their club i would be very grateful! if there is nothing close by and enough people to start a group that meets on weekends please let me know, im always looking for someone to ride with!

Currently mudding in a 9" lifted 2008 Lariat f150 full four door with 37" Grapplers on deep dish 22's.

Also just picked up a 2013 Maverick 1000R X rs !

thanks everyone!
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