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Actually I did try to do research, but didn't find anyone willing to tell me what it was really worth. I got answers's worth what someone is willing to pay, what's it worth to you...that kind of stuff. And, my posts were removed by moderators on 2 sites and I was not granted permission to post on 3 more. I guess because people were looking to get a deal & didn't want to be honest. I originally thought it would be worth $500-600 bucks & was asking opinions if guys thought that was too much! I finally did get someone to send me a PM from the Zuwharrie site and he said that $1,400 was a fair price for the east coast so that's what I went with.

I'm really sorry how this went down, it totally was not my intention to cause such a ruckus. This is starting to stress me out! I have a stressful life and I certainly wasn't looking to add more.

So let me ask all of you...who will honestly tell me on this forum what it's really worth? Step back, look at the situation from my point of view and then tell me what you think the fair thing to do is for everyone (including me).

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