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Originally Posted by cmetzg03 View Post

If your thinking of legal action pm me my wife's a lawyer and can help you out.

but I agree with SS, choose your battles, this isn't one to fight just cut your grass.
My realtor suggested the small claims approach. It was wrote in the contract to be cut one last time before closing. Since the sellers live out of state they don't gave a fawk. I don't want to dick with small claims. Just wish they would keep to their word. In court I would win hand down as I Have a signed document from them stating it would be done and proof that it isn't but the time investest in court equals loss of time and money for me. I get screwed more with no lube or reach around.

Originally Posted by Haggar View Post
Cut the good parts normal, cut the long stuff as high as you can, and thne cut it again in a few days to normal height when the clippings are dry and can be recut.
That be the plan.

Originally Posted by MonkeyBiz View Post
You did a final walk through right before closing, Right? Why didn't you address it then?
See above and I did however cannot get sellers to pay is the issue.

Originally Posted by Gunsworth View Post
Just find some guys in the area that have no signage and dont pay taxes and have them cut it, then dont pay them. fuck those guys
Thought crossed my mind but not fair for someone to work and get screwed on payment, then Have to deal with these ass hats!

Originally Posted by Bones View Post
welcome to home ownership. Go cut your grass. That will be the least of your issues.
Besides the filling of the fuel oil tank the grass is the top of my issues The only things left that could fail are the septic field or the foundation. This house is rock solid!
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