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Default Stiffed on getting my grass cut - need advice and cutting

So bought a house and love it! During the whole transaction the sellers were complete a holes! Made the whole transaction damn near unbearable. I only asked for 3 things; for the garage man door that was kicked in during the time of purchase to be replaced, a window pane in the garage door to be replaced and for the grass to be cut. This was written into the purchase agreement as an addendum and was signed by them and I. Well the garage door and window pane were replaced however the sellers basically said screw you to getting the grass cut the final time.

Originally the whole yard was being kept up but once I was locked in they stopped paying for lawn service. I spoke with my realtor and was informed the sellers have stopped answering emails and won't accept phone calls. I was told I should pursue small claims court. I'm thinking about this however have been told its more a waste of time and energy. (Probably karma) should I go see the people court?

So is there anyone local (gl4x4 member) that could now my lawn for under $300? 2.5 acres mix of open and hilly terrain. 3/4 is decent lawn but the rest is 2' tall grass or surrounded by trees. Not asking for free but less then I was quoted. If not I'll do it my self as I know the lawn company needs to make profit too and I'm no charity case.

Additionally while I don't believe in revenge, I feel obligated to inform others of the sellers dasterdly deeds. Awhile back I learned the sellers have a business of custom woodworking and custom archery bow making. I was wondering if that businesses information should be known to all so the buying public doesn't get wronged. What say ye?

Cliffs: bought house, sellers legally agreed to have lawn cut and renigged on doing so. Should I take them to small claims court or let the world wide web spread the word of their wrong doing. Also can someone cut my lawn for less then $300?
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