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Originally Posted by AJ Hall View Post
Obviously you did not see where he throws the word dumbass out there.. you gonna sit back and stay relax when someone calls you a dumbass?
It's pretty damn obvious I don't care what people on here think of me. It's the internet. Whoopty fucking doo! You don't think I have extended that offer to meet up and buy ya a beer to others that have come to me in PM to air their grievances?

The difference here is that you DO care about what people think of you and how you are treated here. YOU want people to respect you as this new man. It isn't gonna happen when you keep acting like the same old kid. Step above it, ignore it or reply in an adult fashion. By responding to it in the exact same way you have done nothing but yet again reaffirm everyone's opinions of you and legitimized the comment that made you angry.

In lesser words... "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

If you seriously don't understand that quote by now you never will and you should either leave here or prepare to be treated this exact same way forever.

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