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Default Transfer Case rebuild?

Ok, so after searching the forum for specifics for my truck i've not really come to any detailed conclusions so I'll post up my questions.

I have a '77 K10 with a '76 NP203 TC with a 201 Ratio.
I also have two spare NP205 TC's, both with a Ratio of 196, one '77, one '78.

The problem:

I had new locking hubs put in the truck a couple years ago and for what little I drove it in the winter they performed great. I was able to free the hubs and drive the truck without issue until I parked it last winter to begin restoration/lifting it.

The issue is that I can lock the hubs in and it will drive in any gear in the transmission and any gear on the TC, however when i free the hubs and put the truck into gear, i will put it into any gear (R-1)and it just revs like it's in neutral. When I try to put it back in park it will make a grinding noise for about a few seconds and then quit.

I am going to flush it out and put new oil in it, but what would cause it to run in 4wd with the hubs locked, but not with them on free?


I'm aware that this is an awd case, chain driven and that it usually is in HI when it's driving, but for whatever reason it's stuck now and I can't get the hubs to unlock and actually move under it's own power.


Given that I have two spare 205's, are there any options to possibly change them out without having to buy a bunch of extra parts? I do have an adjustable driveshaft in the rear, however it's already extended out due to the lift, so I would most likely have to get a new rear driveshaft because of the shorter tail shaft of the 205. (I hope not to do this)

I've heard of people making "doublers" out of both cases, but I could not find an adequate explanation here on what exactly that is.

Keep in mind that I'm limited on funds and I still have to spend most of my money on other things for the truck that are more important, so I'm hoping to make repairs, not upgrade to a 208 or put in a fancy new kit unless it's absolutely necessary; in which case i'll drive it in 4x4 until I can afford to fix it. Gas already sucks anyway.

I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with it because I was able to unlock the hubs without issue a year ago and just one day it refused to free up. Also if it makes a difference, when I would step on the brakes and come to a stop quickly (shortly before I parked it) I would hear a clicking noise from the right front hub until stopped. Not sure if it's relevant, but being that they were new hubs, i'm wondering if something came loose or if something happened that could contribute to the issue. They move freely from lock to free without binding or noise, so i'm not sure if that makes a difference either.

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