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Lots done.....

I finally got her started last weekend! I got my parts in from LMC, threw on the new diff gaskets, oiled it up, checked all the fluids and filled as necessary, bled the front brakes (clamped off the rear line for now till the rears are done) and with a fresh battery it fired right up.

I also managed to get the body lift on the bed and mounted.

Today I was able to get some free time for her again and decided that the rusty hood and fender look was just bugging the crap out of me. Unfortunately for me, out of the three cans of rust preventative satin paint I had, only one worked although they are all new. So, i had to settle for using one two white cans and one black can to primer the front clip. It took quite some time to sand it down; the old leaded paint is such a pain in the ass.

In any case, I put a base coat on it for now and will add a second coat as soon as I pick up some more cans of paint.

Before anyone asks, I do have a spray gun, and I do have a compressor for it, but I plan on tearing the whole body down when I get the floor pans to weld in so that I can media blast everything and make it nice and smooth. For now this is just a rust preventative coat to keep it from looking like I pulled it from a field.

I also decided that since I will be doing the body lift on the cab soon that the linkage was just to annoying to modify, so I decided to throw in a B&M floor shifter that I had new in a box that was never installed in my cutlass. It fits perfectly next to the transfer case shifter, although I have to modify the bottom cover quite significantly to follow the contours. With the column shifter gone I figured it was as good a place as any to throw my Tac back on that I was trying to figure out where to go.

So piece by piece it's coming together. I'm kind of working all over the place given that I only have certain amounts of money to do things at a time and I already have a ton of new parts laying around.


My usb ports are no good, i tried to fix them, but out of six of them, only two work, my mouse and keyboard, so pictures are a no go directly from my phone.

Does anyone know of a program or app that I can download pictures to via wireless through my phone so I can upload them to my build thread?

I have a ton of pictures since I last uploaded.

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