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Originally Posted by Route55 View Post
I have a friend who is with a Utah Mormon. He joined, but then was excomunicated from the church. They have lived both in Utah and Michigan and I have visited both places with them multiple occasions including the visitor center in Salt Lake. I even went to a few services with him.

There is a big difference between Utah Mormons and Non-Utah Mormons, and even they will tell you that. Utah Mormons tend to be much more pushy, although still polite.

I've learned a bunch about the whole Mormon thing, and basically biggest way to piss them off is to drink alcohol or coffee or have premarital sex.

Their tything system is a sort of indentured servitute and not optional. A large portion of their income goes to the church and such.

Yes, they have very strong family values, as long as you agree 100 percent with them. They use excommunication and shunning to control the family.

I'm non-religious and very open minded, but through hands on experience I see how controlling (or cultish) the Mormon church is.
My neighbors have gone to Utah a few times, the wife lived there for awhile. I have drank beer and quite a few times said I could go for a beer and they have never once shunned or treated me badly. Maybe they are just more easy going.

Originally Posted by cmetzg03 View Post
Are Mormons those weirdos who ride around on bikes with matching short sleeve white shirts and black ties, while also looking very safe with bike helmets on?

Probably, some of their missionaries were out fishing in dress pants, dress shirts and ties today.
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