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Mormans have always seemed really nice, to the point of being creepy.

I live in an apt and had three mormon girls knock on the door. I sear they must have been 15/16 (the pedo in every guy says they actually weren't bad looking) at the most. The first thing they said was "Hello, we were wondering if you had, or anything that needed to be done".....

I heard that and immediately thought i could be going to jail in about t- 1 minute depending on how I answered the question. They were polite and nice, but it's was just how they said it. I was like wtf? lol

Best part was they knocked on the 90 year old catholic lady next door to me and she gave them about a 20 minute speech on how they defaming the lord......gotta give them credit though, they were still nice and polite after all was said and done
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