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Originally Posted by wave_crusher View Post
On another fine eve of a 4th of July celebration, I think it is time to answer all of the "big" issues that face everyday, honest, hardworking Americans and everyone else:

1) Gays?- Yes, it happens. No, you don't have to follow along. Shut up about the bible, If your an American citizen then the fact that the bible condemns it has zero bearing what so ever; Welcome to America dumbasses! If your world will be completely FUBAR'd cause you Might see a gay dude or chick then please refer to the Steps of Handling World Collapse*

2) Gun Control?- Yes, gun control is necessary. Do you really want the crazy cat lady next door having a gun? Or the Jesus freak on the corner of the road holding the God loves you sign pulling out a 9 cause your wearing freaking teal on a Tuesday afternoon at 3:57 pm and that somehow causes the world to sin? Is more better? Well, take about 3 full bottles of sleeping pills and let us know if more is better

3) Immigration?- Yep, this happens too. America was built on it, it's cool. No, not everyone should be allowed in, those that do need to go through a mandatory year in kindergarten so they can learn to play with others. What? Oh everyone is an Immigrant, and the white devil stole the country from some Indians!
No, please open mouth and insert foot. America was not a country when the white devils (and yellow probably some black, hey we were diversified back then) found it. It was a random big ass piece of land that was inhabited sparsely by people that believed wearing a thong and dancing would make it rain (well I guess it does now though, just depends on what kinda club your in...go figure?)

4) Marijuana? Refer to #1, replace gays refernece with pot. It's pretty much the same. Just tax the shit out of it like tobacco. Then we can all go on welfare and not bother looking for a job and have kids cause the gov'ment will pay for it.....I wonder if I could get WIC and food stamps because I hurt my pinky writing this?
1. - Yup.
2. - Same as 1., substituting "gun" for "gay".
3. - It's about national sovereignty. It's not the 1600s, 1700s, or 1800s and U.S. citizenship (as well as citizenship many other places) carries with it some entitlements and benefits.

This is a case where our educational system, coupled with a lack of compulsory military service has failed our country. I have come to believe that the bulk of people born after about 1957 or 1958 do not intellectually differentiate between "U.S. citizen" and "person". This means they (incorrectly) believe that the rights, freedoms, and benefits of being a U.S. citizen are somehow universal rights/freedoms/benefits that apply to everyone on earth.

They do not.

Out forefathers paid - dearly in many, many cases - for those rights/freedoms/benefits. If you want to join us, there's a process and you're expected to ASSIMILATE (we used to call it the "melting pot") and CONTRIBUTE. And we have the right to pick and choose who comes in based on your ability to contribute to the whole.

4. - Maybe, but I'm not fully convinced yet. The level of chronic pot smokers who seem to stall out and become a drag on society seems higher than alcohol. If that's scientifically proven not to be the case then legalize and tax the hell out of it like alcohol.
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