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Originally Posted by Wramblerguy View Post
I'm curious how you get a brake like to the outside of the rim...
Unless I misunderstood you
The name for a rotor that bolts to the hub and is removed without requiring removing the hub is often refereed to as a (top) hat or bell rotor based on the shape.

I am making one that is "hat" shaped using a flange welded to a cylinder. The cylinder is then welded to a inner flange that the inner rotor bolts to the outer rotor that will be the most replaced part is bolted to the inner rotor. There is 5 pieces total that will need to be cut. Once welded it will be in 3 pieces that will bolt together. The caliper bracket will extend up off the spindle and locate the caliper as well as acting as a brace for the fender.

The cylinder part of the rotor will extend over the actual hub from the outter rim to the inside extending roughly 4" past the rim lip towards the differential. This places the inner bolt flange inside the tire's sidewall on the inside of the tire/rim.

This is the simplest design I have for making a cheap and reliable bolt on rotor for a 5ton that will place the caliper out of the mud.

If I place the rotor within the rim I either end up having a mud packed wheel that will kill breaking and or a very small rotor that will glaze over quickly. By going with the rotor outside the rim I can have the rim packed with mud, slush, ice, sticks etc with very little effect on breaking due to the caliper being almost higher then if I was using a pinion break setup.
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