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Originally Posted by 14muddn View Post
$8/hr to give up every saturday? Some poor kid
Originally Posted by joe_jeep View Post
i would shoot myself if this was the best job i could find!

i hope no one applies!
Originally Posted by Timmy View Post
It would only be worth it if it was cash.
This is the mentality that is fucking this country up. Yes, it's a shit job, but guess what? It's something to fill in the gap while somebody looks for a better job. Is the pay shit? Yes! That's because the work sucks and the labor pool is overflowing with mental midgets who never took the time to learn a skill. The days of "I deserve a ghud jerb!" are over. Oh wait, I forgot nobody NEEDS to work anymore. With almost two years of unemployment available and doctors willing to declare somebody disabled because of an achey pinky finger, I guess people CAN turn their noses up at jobs that are beneath them.

Good luck finding some help OP. Chances are you will be presented with parade of losers that won't even bother putting on clean clothes to interview for the job.
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