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Default "Batfly" rotors

I am looking to cut up some rotors for a large 7000lb buggy using 5 tons that will be driven at highway speeds. After looking at hundreds of different designs I have decided to design a 3 piece lug mounted rotor using an vented hat, vented directional center section section, then a stainless outer, with F-550 calipers.
The 3 piece idea is that when the stainless section becomes gouged over normal wear or damaged due to coming in contact (with say a large rock) it can be unbolted and replaced without costing me tons, causing damage to the hub, or require tearing the axle apart to pull off the entire hub and attached rotor.
The stainless section where the pad contacts I want to use a "wave" like design that has been used for years to clean off the mud and water better.

But, then I see this "batfly" design from breaking. I have read the short term reviews saying it gives a progressive feel. But, it seems like having the recessed "wings" would cause the pads to wear faster.
I know I can make a basic the stainless wave rotors using vents to clean out and keep the pads cooler simply cut out of a single sheet then bolt them up and go.
With the "batfly" design I need to take it a step further and have the rotors machined making them considerably more costly and time consuming.

Like I said above, on top of the machining cost the thought of it using the pads faster with more frequent pad cost has me looking for advise. So, if the "batfly" design is going to not cause a significant increase in rotor and pad life I will just go with my original design.

I am looking for real world experience more sport bike then mud use from people that have used wave and "batfly" type rotors with the effect on pad wear being my largest focal point.

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