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Originally Posted by tsaguy View Post
I love service members, current, former. I don't care so much for those who claim they will join.

I like Hancho so much he gets personal invites to my office when he goes through security. Kickstand loves the Corps even though he didn't join, so gets gets invites to the airport bathroom where we pee together and have long talks.

I love Jarheads. Of course I am biased, but the arrogance of Jarheads will never subside. For those who served, thanks. For those who support, thank you.

I also love Army, I am marrying an Army vet. She's cute.

have a great day.
I approve of this message.

I have and always will respect those who served. Whatever branch, whatever job, whatever tour. You signed, you served, I appreciate it.

Years ago, 2 former members from here were sitting at a bonfire after a trail ride.

Both marines.

One very proud of his marine-ness and wanted everyone to know he served, close to the point of "dude give it a rest" ness. I mean, thanks for serving but shut up about it.

The other, had a few "I was a marine" tattoos, but otherwise no mention of it. Lots of respect for him.

Marine one says to the other, so did you do this, do you read this website for former marines, do you do these get togethers etc?

Marine two says "I WAS a marine"

The conversation ended awkwardly, but marine two earned a lot of respect from me that day.
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