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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Nice job boys. Nothing like a little adversity to keep you in the game. Although I've heard more than once (during a long truck ride) that a car should not need last minute major repairs.

It's cool to see both of the local teams fighting it out. Congrats.
Rolling off the trailer we were in good shape. We felt 100% prepared. We had nut and bolted the car on Sunday night, but we didn't drop the skid and check the trans/t-case bolts. That will have to go on the list. The motor mounts just plain suck and we will change the design before the next race.

I had looked at the grommet before we left and it appeared seated. We had loomed all of the wiring except under the dash. So we had lots of hands on the wiring over the past month trying to prevent something like this. When we change motor mounts, I will find a better grommet that can't pop out. This seems to be the weak part of the car's wiring, along with the crappy switches. Both can be fixed.

As for the starter, shit happens and part wear out. It wasn't giving us warning, and it may have been the switches causing the problem. The new starter definitely sounds better than the old, so it's hard to say.

Tuning was hard on the car. Our shocks were hot to the touch while tuning. Lots of banging on the car, probably as tough as the race, especially on the early passes where the car was banging through the test section pretty hard.

One thing we need to do before the next race is find better switches. We have found the winch switch dead after each race and that's not good. We think the starter switch might be flaking out too.

We knew this year would be a tough year where we find all of the car's problems. Hopefully we can keep them from DNF'ing us.
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