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Originally Posted by SS View Post

You came into this thread and claimed your reason for not joining the military was because your father said that you would be ruined by serving with the lowest forms of scum on the Earth. You regurgitated that piece of shit and ignorant statement in this thread. I saw plenty of worthless, pathetic and complete shit bag MPs while I was in. Your dear old dad obviously thinks he was better than everyone else because of his chosen MOS. Classic shit bag.

Next time you come into a thread like this you might not want to insult every service member here with that line of POG vomit as your reason for not joining.

There's absolutely no shame in NOT serving but claiming you didn't for the reason you stated is absolutely ignorant and pathetic.
Your reply is awesome and there could be no retort if it were based in reality.

You assign hidden meaning where there is no hidden meaning.

My Dad and our family support the military 100%.

How many people, who got the boot from service, are escorted out by MPs? These are the ones he's referring to, not the brothers in service.

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