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Originally Posted by awalters View Post

The "lawyer" who wrote those tips is an idiot. This is direct from MasterCard.

What if the card says “Ask for Photo I.D.” in the signature space?
The transaction cannot be processed unless the cardholder’s signature appears in the signature space.
As noted on the cards, they are “not valid unless signed.”
this is also the written policy of Visa.
HOWEVER, i wrote "SEE D.L." on the back of my card. NEVER EVER had a problem. approx 50% of the time i am asked for and show my driver's license and the requester smiles and sez okay. the rest of the time i am NOT asked and the transaction is processed. i don't see the problem anyway because a gasoline pump never checks my signature, just asks for my zip code which in not hard to get it someone stole my wallet/id.
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