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Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
They medicalled me out after a serious back injury. So then I became a defense contractor and went right back aboard...

And this is when it was hard - in the early 80s, only mental patients and recruits/candidates had buzz cuts. :sonic jay:

In all honesty, I respect all that make the choice.

And at the risk of looking like an old guy (more than normal) I really think we need to reinstate the draft.

For years and years, those young men without direction were inducted into the military where they gained basic life skills, marketable job skills, self-discipline, and direction. They became better people and citizens as a result, understanding that they are part of a larger society.

Today, we have hoardes of "eternal adolescents" who are essentially 25 or 30 year-old teenagers who think they're the nucleus of their own little universe.
Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
My Dad shares that same sentiment.
Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
And I'm not implying that all young guys are "without direction".

History tells us that those with direction will go to school at Kettering (as an old GMI guy, I struggle with that) or maybe somewhere with women, start on a career path in the trades, or otherwise start "life".

Others mill about and "fail to launch" in life. These guys need that additional socialization the military provides. I know many people my age and older who's lives were put onto a good path by a stint in the military.

Yes, yes and yes
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