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Originally Posted by Mudking View Post
my sister is a mother of a young child. in her lazy boy she has a .45 XDS... on the shelf of the fish tank she has a .40 XD... On her MOST of the time she has a LCP with laser (.380). In the kitchen I believe there is another .45 XDS (yeah they really like there XD's)... her husband also carries an XDS.

they shoot weekly. allot of rounds.

my wife (we have a 4 year old) has a .22 long 9 shot revolver in kitchen (kitchen is by front door). a .44 revolver on top of the book case, and we have a 12 gauge loaded with buckshot in our room. she knows how to use them all. not as well as my sister (my wife needs more practice), and once we get back to michigan I am making her get her CPL or CHL or whatever you guys call it up there.

This situation could have been prevented.

My wife and my sister wont answer the door to a strange black man... YUP, im white. my sister is white. My wife is mexican... call us what you want, but you wont call us a stastic.
I bought my xdm 9mm right before the xds came out, like to get my hands on a xds soon. I also got the ruger 380 I keep that on my ankle 24/7.
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