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Originally Posted by bbaXJ View Post
Nice save, cuz I definitely got a bit of a D-bag impression from the first post. I have a big problem with the people who think they're better than civilians because they served. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for the troops and what they do, the risks they take, and the sacrifices they make, but the superiority complex bugs the sh1t out of me. You're not better than me because you served any more than a white collar execurtive is better than blue collar worker; we all made a choice with our paths but that doesn't define who we are. I've known some great, honorable military members who get nothing but respect from me, but unfortunately I've known just as many who were lowlifes and joined cuz they had no other options.

As for me, I didn't serve. I chose college and a career because that's what I was always brought up planning/expecting to do. Military was never really a big consideration for me. If it had been, my parents probably would've tried to talk me out of it....they're the types who worry about everything and would've expected the worst.
The Marine Corps has helped to define who I am. I know I come off as a dick and a douche to others, but I can get past it!

I don't look down on others for not serving.

"I was going to join the Marines but I didn't want to scare my family when I got back from boot camp."

"I was going to join the military but my uncle gave me a job that pays really well."

"Oh yeah? Hows the job?"

"Umm, I got fired for coming in late."

"I was going to join the military but I really love my girl."

"Yeah? How is she?"

"Ummm, I dumped her a few weeks after I talked to the recruiter."
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