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Default Free to good home - 10-11 year old shepard husky

I hate to do this but I have to get rid of one of my dogs.

He is a 10 year old shepard husky mix. He has been by friend for ever but he has a few "quirks" that are causing me to get rid of him.

We got him as a stray about 9 years ago... the story told to me was he was runing on the streets for about a year before he got caught. He was very skidish, food agressive and malnurished...with a lot of work all that was fixed and he is usually wanting to be a lap dog most of the time.

The reason I am asking if anyone wants him is beacuse I am having a hard time bringing myself to putting him down. I know this is what will probably happen.

I dont feel comfortable having him around small children any more, He is "grumpy" at times and I dont feel safe leaving him with my child who doesnt know how to act when around him.

I would have a hard time living with myself if I didnt try everything first. This is my last desprate step.

In the very recent past he has growled and niped at both me and my wife, he has not done it to my 7 month old and I will not let it. I have tried every type of trainer, diet changes, vets.... spent a ton of time and money trying to work it out. I feel very responsible to do everything I can to give my animals the best life they can. I was never really able to feel comfortable with him around small childern of people afraid of dogs.

He plays agressive and is hyper friendly which scares alot of people and worries me with other people around.

I would say I would only be comfortable giving him to someone familair with taking care of dogs, lives in a house with yard ( he is electric fence trained), and has no kids arounds.

I know I will get the " Just put him down" response from most on this board but I am sure you all know how hard that decision is for anyone with a 10 year relation ship with your dog. No shelter will take him knowing his agressive past and dont want to put him thru that sitiuation, so if someone doesnt take him my friend will be put down.

****** We have set a date, If someone doesnt take him by Tuesday at 5pm I will be losing a family member forever******

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