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Originally Posted by oz97tj View Post
I used to take a boat load of stuff with me camping with my jeep. I never even touched most of it other than loading or unloading it. Then I started camping with my motorcycle and I had to pare down due to the obvious lack of room. I realized I still have everything I "need" and packing, set up and tear down is much quicker. I've also bit the bullet and purchased better quality gear because it often packs smaller / lighter, and a side benefit is is usually sets up and breaks down faster too, not to mention works very well vs the cheap stuff that leaks / rips / sweats / etc.

Moral of the story, figure out the bare minimum of what you need and only take it. It'll make camping more fun anyway.
Meh. It's car camping, might as well spoil yourself. Bacon and eggs in a cooler, growler of cold beer, gigantor tent, firewood, Coleman lantern, big old camp chair, cast iron skillet - why not?

For backpacking it's the complete opposite. One pair of underwear for every two days, water filter, mac n' cheese, candle lantern, fire starters (I like cotton balls rubbed in petroleum jelly), bug spray.
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