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Originally Posted by cmetzg03 View Post
What I know or may not know is not the issue here. You think you need hours of hand to hand combat training or non lethal training to defend yourself and your family. How does that saying go it's better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it. I'm not living in a dream world it's simple self protection. While I can't sit here and say that every person is going to be able to react the right way. Since you wanna call me out on the subject in fact I was a marine in a special ops unit and i did do a lot of advance weapons and hand to hand combat training, so I may know a thing or two. It may not even be a matter of using your gun either, if your home alone with your kids lock the dead bolt, just be aware. But I'm just a crazy right wing vet gun nut job, so I do in fact have a gun on me 24/7.
Black ops, white ops, rainbow ops, oh shit!!!!!! And if you have had the amount of training you say you did and if any of it was dynamic you would completely understand where I'm coming from....
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