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Originally Posted by firehawk View Post
Or when you keep repeating that you can beat any V8 with your 6 banga and keep saying "its not fast"

Good for you, want a cookie?

Its the tone of your posts that make people want to jab ya.
Please show me where I said I could beat any v8........ I said I have not been beat by a V8 yet except once when I missed a gear.
The only reason I even mention my motor, racing, or jeep is because of all the idiots that think a V8 swap is the only way to go if you want more power. These assholes should spend a little time building motors before they open their mouth.
The tone of my post change when I am called a lier, which is what people are insinuating.
Im not a lier. Well unless Im tryin to get in your pants.

MY jeep is not fast. It weighs 4000lbs with me in it and runs very well for a 6 cyl. Is it wrong to be proud of a inline six that has schooled many,many V8 trucks, jeeps, and two 4.6 mustangs? I guess I would rather be proud and wrong then a fucking asshole like most of the people here. You have always seemed pretty cool, Im not calling You an asshole.

I enjoy a little jab once in awhile. I will even miss kickstand fucking with me but the nonstop slamming doesnt sit well with me. I will get violent and I have a house to pay for so I dont need this bullshit. I have spent enough time and money " correcting" people with big mouths in the past so It's best if I gtfo before I get angry and in jail.
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