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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
Quit getting sensitive and stick around. There's a lot of good here but when things don't add up, people will question it.
In the three years since I joined and two years I trolled the site before that I have seen very few that are not raging assholes. You are one of the few. I think it is likely a age thing as guys nowdays seem very dissrespectfull to everyone.

What doesnt add up? The fact that most people on here are full of shit and have no real world exsperience building horsepower.
Most V8s people put in jeeps make less power then a well built stroker but assholes who have never built one have no fucking clue. They talk shit. Try that in my local bar and you end up a bloody mess. But here it is easy because you are protected by your keyboard.

I quit going to bars full of young punks with no respect because Im a hot head. I had boxer fractures twice in my right hand and once in my left in a two year period. It cost me thousands in court costs, fines, and lost wadges. Im lucky I didnt end up with a felony. If I new where the douchbag lived that keeps running his mouth I would likely be on my way to jail by now for beating the cousin fucker out of him. If I stick around it's just a matter of time before I will jeperdize my future and it aint worth it. Maybe I have grown up because five years ago I wouldnt care. Maybe not.

I started coming here because I enjoy wheeling and thought I would meet others that do also. All I see is a bunch of assholes just like everyone warned me about.

I have no use for people who dont respect others and that is 90% of the people here.
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