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Originally Posted by MuddyPaws View Post
Are you kidding? Geeze you are one stupid person.

Umm....the word "ass" in the Bible is used in a different context and NOWHERE in the Bible does it does it use the Lord's name in vain.

Maybe you should read it sometime.

well muddypaws, we meet again. since i am at school and not logged in, i viewed this comment. So its ok to use the word when referring to a donkey, but not ok to use a word in reference to someones posterior? That's just stupid. Also, I was referring to the word "damn" not "god damn" not that it really matters to someone who is being raised to not believe in the christian god. Yes, we understand, you don't like it, but you know what, people who don't believe in it, do it. Just like when you eat hamburger...the Hindu's don't like it, but you don't see any thing wrong with it.
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