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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
I'm pretty sure it's easier to kill yourself in the kayak than it is in a canoe. I took a kayak class once and they would not let us go away from the instructors until we could show that we could get out of it while upside down in the water. Some people panic and try to come up for air before getting clear of the kayak and get their feet tangled up in it.
while kayaking is slightly harder than a canoe, which leads some people to take courses, there are and were probably some folks in your course that didn't even belong in or on the water...

anyway, I've owned and paddled numerous ocean kayaks, as well as white water kayaks over the past 25 years and the majority you have to have custom fit with high density foam pad kits in order to do a proper brace maneuver, or an eskimo roll - let alone stay inside one when upside down.

and the majority of those I have been in are older designs with smaller cockpit openings - today's cockpits on most of the casual boats have huge openings where you can for example draw your knees up easily while still seated in the saddle. (in my perception eclipse there's no way in hell you could do that)
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