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Originally Posted by RyeBread View Post
that's a wager I'd take, given the number of canoe's vs kayaks sold over the last century, coupled with the number of dolts that go out fishing in canoe's and don't make it back in cold/bad weather, and/or drunken fools paddling on vacation rivers. (compared to kayak's)

that all being said, since there are also technically 1 person canoes meant for white water as well as kayak's I'm also guessing that the statistics are somewhat muddled because the average dolt in those circumstances doesn't understand the difference.

you also have dumbarse actions like this where a canoe killed someone not even in the water...

finally one study comparing the two:
and this place has lost a step.

didn't get a single from the typical leg-hounds
I'm pretty sure it's easier to kill yourself in the kayak than it is in a canoe. I took a kayak class once and they would not let us go away from the instructors until we could show that we could get out of it while upside down in the water. Some people panic and try to come up for air before getting clear of the kayak and get their feet tangled up in it.
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