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Originally Posted by dbikers View Post
nuthin' but a bunch of fat fukcs on this site!!!!
me a$$hats have motivated me to shed some lbs now.
I stepped on my scale said 293 (it's 8 lbs light, but good to use as reference)..i nearly sh!t my pants. i'm the biggest i've ever been and everything knees, my legs, my back, my front...

in the last 4 yrs i've had 2 back surgeries and broken my pelvis and got a new job.
i leave for work from 6a and get home at 8p pretty much daily, have re-established horrible eating habits (taco bell 3x a week for lunch), wolf down my dinner at 9p, then sit in a recliner for an hour then go to bed....i've picked up 65 lbs in the last 3 yrs...i',m afraid to know my blood pressure and i'm pretty sure my cholesterol level is 100%

but i still ride mx bikes a couple of times a month (mostly trail riding), i like to hunt and fish and i'd like to see my pecker again

i'm down 10# to 283 (or 291, remember my scale is just a reference)
i need to see 200....i'm gonna do it with the rest of you fat bastards

keep up the good work and i'm gonna try like hell to do the same
fukc, i wanna large pizza....and breadsticks.
been limiting carb and caloric intake, italmost doesn't phase me (until friday night when i get home from work and there's a fresh pizza that everyone is eating except me).

i need to drink more water, less coffee, and some fruit... and quit smoking...and exercise more. right now just walking but eventually would like to get into a routine that includes a gym or something more than the hit-or-miss schedule i have right now. it's already easier to climb multiple flights of steps, squeeze under a 2wd truck to change oil (goddamn, wish the drain bolt was closer to the radiator ) and jerk off, all which are pretty important things

june 5 293#
june 14 283#
june 22 275#

post again in a couple of weeks...
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