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Originally Posted by BlooMule View Post
There has been work on AI and self replicating computers for decades- it's always a decade away it seems- but eventually it will happen. Now, if robotics can replace all human tasks, exactly what will the humans do to earn an income to buy the robots to do the tasks?

A little off-topic:

When I worked for Aetna stamping, we were clearing out the old offices upstairs that dated back to WWII when the plant was building warplanes. I found a bunch of old hand drawn blueprints for airplanes in one of the cabinets, realllly cool to think that those planes were designed on paper, entirely out of the engineer's head and error checked by another- based on his knowledge. I wonder how many CAD monkeys could do that if asked to today.
Yep some of the old prints are truly works of art. And just think there were no calculators, just slide rules.

Unfortunately computer aided ignorance is not limited to drafting. We ran into many ASME code fab shops who would not build our vessels because they could not use their code calculation software to validate the closure. Bear in mind the same code accepted closure has been used since the 1960ís, back when all the calcs were done by hand and engineers could do math.
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