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Wow, lots of developments in the last few months. Has it really been that long? I miss my truck. lol

I managed to finally get a transmission swapped out in the Yukon and it's running great! I even refurbished the drive shafts and put in new U-joints while I was under there. Couldn't hurt.

The '77 has seen some significant progress as well. I got the front brakes on, the new braided lines on, both differentials serviced (turns out the front end was fine, I've just never seen that much axle play in a truck before but was assured it was within spec) Got everything painted up and even got the steering arm on.

The steering arm had to be the worst thing i've ever had to replace on any vehicle. EVER. We heated it up with a torch, beat on it with a sledge, used a five foot solid prybar and an entire can of PB and the PITA would still not come loose. We eventually had to use the torch to cut into the steering arm around the studs to finally get it to break free. We used a punch to spread the steel apart around the studs to get it to finally come loose. Even after getting the inserts to loosen up it still fought me tooth and nail to even come off the studs.

Long story short, the new BDS arm is on, brakes are done in the front and painted, sway bar is ready to be bolted back on (after I get some longer bolts this weekend for the spacers) and I'll replace the diff gaskets and sway bar bushings when they come in from LMC.

I've given up trying to come up with a design for custom bolt on brackets for the rear calipers and just decided to get the universal weld on ones and have my neighbor (who works as a mechanic at a local shop) to weld them on, then the new rear brakes will go on and I'll get ready to fire it back up after sitting for a year!

I'm excited that I finally got some time to get it sorted out. I only needed a full day to take care of it, but between doing repairs on everyone else's vehicles except mine the last few months, it's about time the truck see some progress.

I will be going through my shed and putting a whole list of spare parts up for sale soon. I don't need them and I'm going to be freeing up some space.

The USB ports on my PC are being retarded so I am having trouble getting pictures from my phone to upload, but I have a ton of them. I will put them up soon.

I'm stoked. it's getting closer.....
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