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Originally Posted by BlooMule View Post
At least someone gets my point..... the piss and moan type will be on welfare.

No one 'owes' anyone a job- not even high end engineers. If it can be automated, jobs will be lost- and different jobs will be created. Since everyone can't be good at everything, some people will fall through the cracks.

And maybe end up on crack...

And looking to take your stuff...
BlooMule, might as well give up. They cannot get past their hatred of anything that appears to be liberal in nature, even if it is not.
Originally Posted by Haggar
If you look at the idea of putting robots as drivers, I see it as delivering a better product. They can do 99% percentile driving moves, without fear or risk of injury. And can do it repeatably.
Self driving cars will happen and they will be sophisticated marvels of engineering for sure. That capability will be modified and applied to many other manufacturing and service sectors replacing humans. As AI gets more powerful it will replace white collar jobs. And that will be the same story for many other jobs traditionally thought safe from machines. The issue will be a lack of jobs, not people being too lazy to work. One million displaced people competing for 100,000 jobs and it doesn’t matter how much education or retraining they have 900,000 will be SOL. What do we do then?
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