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Long time no update! Well some good news and some bad news. the good news is that I got that engine in and had it mobile for a bit. dropped it off with my roommate to take into school (hes a shop teacher) so it was parked indoors for majority of winter while the students did the following:

T-case fluid
Front axle fluid
Rear Axle fluid
transmission fluid
front sway bar bushings
front sway bar endlinks
intake manifold gasket
idler arm/pitman arm
outer tie rod ends (damn these things were huge!!!!!)
steering dampener
power steering flush
header-back exhaust (not really new piping but modified to fit exisitng leaky exhaust)

All the easy bitch work that I didn't want to do.

Then the engine went out, I heard a low end knocking (like main bearing) but I haven't heard it in a while, right now its got a squeak thats intermittent timing and I'm wondering if a cam lobe is ground down...

and all the TBI electronics are crappy (read corodded connectors, wiring, sensors) making it virtually useless. Roomate came in handy with spare parts so now the engine build has changed.

edelbrock performer

torn on fuel right now, I really don't want to drop the tank+tank skidplate to go to mechanical pump but I dunno if I have the coin to get a regulator that goes from 18psi-5psi.. I use one on my rx7 that would work but its about a 140 dollar regulator...

SO I gave up with craiglist and got spendy....

4-bolt main with 2-piece rear main seal
Cast iron crankshaft
LT1/LT4 powdered metal connecting rods
Cast pistons (dished)
Hydraulic flat tappet cam (.383''/.401'' and 112 lobe separation)
Cast iron cylinder heads with 76cc chambers
8.5:1 compression ratio
Block is compatible with left or right side oil dipstick (Requires Plug for Unused Side - Plugs are Included)
4-quart oil pan
350tq, 260hp w/ 4bbl+headers
and free shipping to my door and 3 year 100k mile warranty!

Now the old one has to come out (should be today after work) Anyone need a good core+ extras????

I had to get a new flywheel because of the 1piece to 2 piece crank, but do I need a new harmonic balancer too?

also, updated and painted the grille:

Roomate's 454 1976 Camaro is in the background.

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