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Originally Posted by BlooMule View Post
Still not talking about entitlement.

I'm talking about what happens to the people that their skill level is maxxed out in menial labor.

And since no one seems to be able to pick up on it, I'll tell you what I think will happen.


We will be paying to support the people who do not have the ability to work in a tech oriented world.
There are still PLENTY of service jobs out there for people who don't have any mental capacity. Instead of welfare they should realize that the world passed them by and they'll have to take a pay cut.

I always go back to what happened to a TON of automotive designers (engineerings too but it was REAL prevelant in designers) during the late 2000's specifically during 07-09 time period.

Designers are a good example because most do not have a 4 year degree, many do not have a 2 year degree.

Many Designers (automotive) made upwards of $35-45/hr then 07-09 hit the auto industry and we all know it hit everyone related to it pretty damn hard. Smart guys accepted that wages dropped nearly $10/hr or more in some cases, in 09-10 time period some guys were as low as $22/hr for a job they once did in the mid 30's to lower 40's. For all you math whiz's out ther that's 50% of their income and somewhere around a $40,000 pay cut........

Then their were the guys who refused the pay cut. Sat at home and decided they would "wait it out". Fast forward to 2009/10 When things started to pick back up. They couldn't beg for a job at $20/hr because new versions of design software had come out, they were rusty, etc.

So they didn't make $40-50k in 07 like the guys who took a paycut, and they didn't make $40-50 the next two years either, so they were $120-150k BEHIND compared to the guys willing to take a pay cut.

Thos rates have now returned to the $35-45/hr range depending on who you work for, how good you are, etc.

So you're example of mental midgets is all well and good, hopefully they'll be like the smart designers were who realized their place, took their lumps, and moved on....instead of just pissing and moaning like the other morons.
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