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JeepM715 and I spent the day yesterday in the garage trying to get everything wrapped up for the UMC race. It was a good day and a lot got done, but we still have a few things to button up.

- finish up in tank fuel pump and remote fill <-- done and fired engine
- install and wire pumpers <-- done
- install intercomm <-- done
- battery box <-- done

As always, we did a few things that weren't on the list and added a few more things to the list.

JeepM715 connected up the fuel line and finished the final details on the fuel cell. He then built and installed the new battery box and the intercom mount, installed a new radiator overflow because our other one sucked, and put u-joints in the new axleshafts and started on installing them before we called it a night.

I trimmed a the wheel openings on the rear fender panels to make room for the 37s and prevent tire slicing. Pumpers were installed. As part of the wiring of the pumpers, I went through and loomed all the wires in the rear and tied them off to clean up everything. JeepM715's nephew Jacob had done the front half of the car, so everything except under the dash is loomed and tied off. It was a major PITA, but hopefully this will keep the wiring safe.

Updated list:

- wire intercomm <-- just needs ground and run cables for helmets
- reinstall interior (seats and belts, switch panel, fire extinguisher)
- finish remote winch control wiring at winch
- hi-lift mounting brackets and 4-way mount
- install 35-spline outers and slugs
- vent cans

By far the best moment was getting the battery box installed and then firing up the jeep for the first time with the internal fuel pump. The new pump seems much quieter, not sure if it's all due to the pump going in tank or if the safety foam helped quiet it down, too.
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